Drill Rods & Drill Subs

When you need Drill Rods and Drill Subs, both Conventional and RC to meet your drilling needs, then don’t look past our engineered Rods and Subs. The key features of Rhino’s high quality DTH Drill Rods are durability, accuracy and manageability. Accordingly, different applications require different diameters of Drill Rods – smaller DTH Hammers need smaller DTH Drill Rods and vice versa.

RC Drill Rods and Drill Subs

Our Reverse Circulation Drill Rods have no O Rings. Our system has an extremely durable seal combined with the Hardened Male Inner Drill Rod. We recognised the problems O Rings have given RC Drillers and did something about it. Our ARD Thread is the most robust thread on the market and on average it outlasts the Drill Rod itself.

Conventional Drill Rods and Drill Subs

Our DTH Drill Rods are made from seamless Rods and are used in conjunction with our Drill Subs, DTH Hammers and  Drill Bits. The key features of our Drill Rods are high quality, durability, accuracy and manageability. All our DTH Drill Rods are friction welded, and the threads are standard API connections, like 2 3/8” API REG thread, 3 1/2” API REG thread or API IF thread, etc. According to customers request, from 1000mm to 5000mm length of Drill Rods are available.

Drill Rods & Drill Subs Features:

• All Drill Rods and Drill Subs are produced to API Standards ensuring a top quality end product
• Threads are checked using hardened and ground gauges
• Extremely durable seals combined with hardened male inner Drill Rod that has been tested successfully in the field for many years
• High tensile European Tool Joints extra hardened to 40 Rockwell
• Sizes: 73mm – 89mm – 101.6mm – 114.3mm – 120mm  – 141mm – 168mm

When you purchase Rhino Drill Rods or Drill Subs, we are sure that you will be overwhelmingly satisfied with the performance, minimal downtime and ease of equipment maintenance.


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