DTH Drill Bits

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about Rhino’s DTH Drill bits

Rhino supplies a huge range of DTH Drill Bits for your needs. We supply Bits ranging from 3” to 24” in SD, IR, QL and Mission. Standard DTH Hammer Bits are concave face. We also have all other DTH Drill Bits available. We also offer a range of Borehole openers and reverse circulation drill bits and specialised mining supplies.

Our DTH Hammer Bits are available in various configurations, shapes and designs to ensure maximum penetration rates. All DTH Drill Bits are designed to work in perfect unison ensuring longer service life and lower drilling equipment costs.


• Capable of drilling in almost all ground conditions
• Designed for maximum performance
• Made of quality steel with tungsten carbide buttons
• Precision machined and heat treated to the required hardness

When you purchase your Rhino DTH, Diamond or RC Drill Bit, we are sure that you will be overwhelmingly satisfied with the performance and durability. Built to Last.