DTH & RC Hammers

Click here to download a PDF specifications brochure for Rhino’s DTH & RC Drilling Hammers

Rhino Drilling & Mining Equipment supplies a large range of DTH and RC hammers. Both our DTH and RC hammers are built with thickened wear sleeves to provide improved performance and dependability. These drilling hammers are specifically designed to operate at depths and overcome high heads of water in the drilling hole.

Simplicity of design, ease of service and low air consumption are all factors that make Rhino’s range of DTH hammers robust and reliable drilling tools.
For your next borehole drilling project, try one of Rhino’s range of DTH or RC hammers.


• Capable of drilling in almost all ground conditions
• Constant energy directly behind the drill bit provides speed with less power loss and greater borehole accuracy
• Air flow volume provides efficient flushing and cleaner boreholes
• Easy to service and maintain
• Large chip drilling provides speed with minimal dust emission

When you purchase your Rhino DTH or RC Hammer, we are sure that you will be overwhelmingly satisfied with the performance, minimal downtime and ease of maintenance. Built to Last.