Engineered Diesel Air Compressor Units

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for Engineered Diesel Air Compressor Units

At Rhino we realise that not all Drilling Rigs are alike and we are able to Engineer our Elgi Diesel Air Compressors to meet your exact needs. No other Air Compressor company in Australia is able to modify or retrofit their designs to meet your requirements. If you need a diesel air compressor unit to meet tough performance in hot, humid and dusty conditions, you can rest assured that our compressors will deliver high efficiency and reduced operating costs right across our range.

• Customised design to meet the needs of demanding drilling and mining applications
• Robust and designed for continuous operation 24/7
• Powered by a powerful Cummins diesel engine
• All Spare Parts Readily Available
• MDG15 Compliant for Australian Mine Specifications

We understand the Drilling Industry has a unique set of equipment requirements and air compressor applications. If you need the power and capacity of an industrial compressor in an extreme drilling environment, then it is hard to look past a Rhino Engineered Diesel Air Compressor Unit?

If you need pressure at depth, then our diesel air compressor range will deliver the right Cubic Feet per minute and Pounds per Square Inch to meet your needs. Our line-up ranges from 450 to 1200 cfm and up to 350 psi in selected models.

When you purchase your Rhino Engineered Diesel Air Compressor Unit, we are sure that you will be overwhelmingly satisfied with its performance, minimal downtime, ease of maintenance and fuel effectiveness. Built to Last.
Rhino Diesel Air Compressor Models:

• 450 – 250    • 900 – 350
• 475 – 150    • 1100 – 300
• 650 – 200    • 1100 – 350
• 750 – 250    • 1200 – 350