Grout-Master Grouting Units & Big Bertha Borehole Reel

Grouting Unit & Borehole Reel

Grout-Master Grouting Units

Rhino Drilling & Mining Equipment’s continuous mixing systems include both Skid and Trailer mounted Grout-Master Grouting Units. Our Grouting Units are designed to mix and pump neat water/cement, cement/bentonite, and most packaged grout mixes.

The concepts of mixer-pump balance, user-friendly operation and ease of maintenance are emphasised in the design of our Grouting Units. Enough technology is incorporated to maximise efficiency, yet not so much as to compromise on ease of operation or maintenance.

Some other points to note:
• Bowls of any capacity can be supplied
• Bowls are extra heavy-duty
• Come with lids for personal protection
• Can be supplied on wheels
• Service exchange available on air motors and gearboxes
• A single operator can mix and pump on
most of our units providing a non-stop discharge of material

Single Bowl Grout-Master Grouting Units

We build Single Bowl Grouting Units from 300 ltrs to 1500 ltrs. The great advantage of most of our Grouting Units is that they allow for continuous mixing and pumping, while the hopper is feeding the pump, another batch can be mixed.

Our units are versatile, heavy-duty and easy to use. All components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Dual Bowl Grout-Master Grouting Units

Mix in one bowl, while pumping out of the other for a non-stop continuous flow. Keep everything moving with dual 1200 litre steel mixing bowls.
The twin bowls can vary from 300 ltrs to 1500 ltrs and come in Air or Hydraulic systems.

You can also supply the Air or Hydraulics to the unit and we supply the flow and pressure.

Trailer Mounted Grouting Units

Sturdy is the word. All our Trailer Mounted Grouting Units are made to the highest mining equipment standard and compliant with Federal and State regulations. We prefer that you supply the Trailer for us to mount your Grouting Unit, however if you want us to source, then we can do that also.

Points to note:
• Mixing tank with safety grid and lid to reduce splatter and operator accidents
• Large Bowl outlet to Hopper for maximum flow
• 120 ltr Hopper and 120 ltr Mixing Tank
• Recirculation valve and hose
• Positive Displacement, Rotor/Stator Pump delivering 12 bar pressure at 60 lpm
• Heavy duty trailer with platform, led lights and Landcruiser wheels

You wont be disappointed by the Grout-Master Grouting Unit.


Big Bertha Borehole Reel

Huge and ready for the job, the Big Bertha allows you to grout boreholes to the depth of 350m with 1 ¼” hose. With a 360 degree swivel base and hydraulic forward and reverse, you will grout all day long at ease.

Operating off of the Grout-Master hydraulic system, the Big Bertha Reel is versatile and efficient. It has fork lift inserts that make the reel easy to around or bolt to the truck or trailer.

Big Bertha Features:

• Enormous diameter spool holds over 350m of 1 ¼” grout hose
• Powered by a large hydraulic motor with hydraulic forward and reverse
• Free spooling capability
• Powerful reel enables pull back with full hose from deep depths
• Swivel base mount for 360 degree access
• Quick coupling hydraulics for easy detachment
• Durable powder coat finish
• Designed to meet the needs of demanding drilling and borehole applications
• High pressure and high capacity
• Robust and designed for continuous operation
• All Spare Parts Readily Available


Click here to download a PDF specifications brochure for Rhino’s Grout-Master
& Big Bertha Borehole Reel