Mud Pumps

Mud Pump

Rhino Drilling and Mining Equipment designs and manufactures quality Diesel Driven Skid Mounted – Mud Pump Systems that will meet all your operational requirements and demands.


Our Skid Mounted Mud Pumps are suitable for handling clear water, drilling mud or bentonite solutions.


Rhino’s Mud Pump Systems can be Skid or Trailer Mounted and are fabricated in our Redcliffe Workshop Facilities.


Each of our Mud Pump Units comes with a fully silenced Revolution PowerPack with a quality Cummins engine, radiator, starter motor, alternator, batteries, flywheel, control panel, emergency stop buttons, lockable isolator Switch, Hinged Doors on both sides, removable Panel to the rear.


Options of Mud Pump Control Systems are available and include Hydraulic Pilot Control or Cable Control.


Our Mud Pumps come in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Call us on (07) 3333 2225 to discuss what size Mud Pump System is most suitable
for your needs.