Multi-Star 250 Drilling Rig

Multi-Star 250

Click here to download a PDF specifications brochure for the Multi-Star 250 Drilling Rig

Rhino Multi-Star 250 Series model Truck or Track Mounted Drilling Rig is designed for Environmental and Geotechnical applications and can be fitted to a range of carriers. This Rig is robust in design to create a reliable machine that can cope with the tough conditions and comes with the following specifications:


• DTH 250m using 3 1/2” Rods and 5” Hammer Bit.
• BQ (60mm) – 800m
• NQ (75mm) – 600m
• HQ (96mm) – 400m
• PQ (122mm) – 250m
• RC – N/A
• Rotary Mud – N/A

Rig Carrier

Truck: The standard Rhino Multi-Star is designed to suit an 6 x 4 long wheel base Truck with 18 Ton GVM bogie drive.

Track: Rhino Multi-Star also comes as a Tracked Crawler Unit on a 10 Ton Undercarriage.”


Cummins 6BTA 5.9 litre turbo charged diesel engine 150Hp @ 2200 rpm with Funk type gearbox and silenced enclosure.


Length of mast approximately 9m long with a minimum of 7m head travel suitable for use with 4.5m rods.
Mast to have a 2m dump to ground
– 45º to 90º angle drilling.


Deck length approx 7.4m Long by 2.5m Wide.

Rotary Head

2 speed Head – RD-250.

Main Winch

Capacity 5,000kg, bare drum with 22mm wire rope.

Wire Line

2 Ton Wire Line Winch (optional).

Jib Boom

250kg Hydraulic operated Jib Boom.


• Fine feed (hold back) control valve.
• Pullout capacity 5,500kg.
• Pull down capacity 2600kg.


• Rotation open loop.
• 130cc Danfoss variable displacement piston pump.
• 57cc Danfoss variable displacement piston pump.

BF650 Footclamp – optional

• All Cast Steel Body.
• Design 3000psi Rated Hydraulic Ram.
• Working Range Including BQ, NQ, HQ & PQ.

Breakout Ram

Hydraulic cylinder fitted horizontally to Breakout Table with a 36” stilson pipe wrench with replaceable jaws.

Bean Pump

FMC Bean Pump W1122 or American equivalent with pressure relief valve.

Jack Legs

• 4 stabiliser legs with burst valve protection.
• Extended Jack Legs – 1200 mm Stroke.
• Extra large jacking feet (300 x 300mm).

Hand Rails

Handrails and steps up to deck in compliance with mine specifications.

Control Panel

• Swing Out Control Panel at L/H rear corner with Auger Cage as Standard.
• Folding Driller’s platform.

Other Items

The body and rig are painted in customer colours in two-pack paint.

Other Options and Configurations

Compressor Units, Acoustic Canopies, Fire Suppression, Cyclone Systems, Rod Bins, Rod Handlers, Breakout Rams, Rod Spinners, Rotary Heads, Mud Pumps, Track Undercarriages and Walkways.

Packaged Finance Option

Includes Rig Truck, Support Truck, Support Trailer, Grouting Unit, Drill Rods, Hammers & Bits